About AgentOwned Realty

AgentOwned Realty

Not your traditional real estate company

In fact, AgentOwned does not even fall in the same category.  Why?

From our launch in 1992,  we have always seen things differently. Company founders, Liz & Boyd Loadholt,  knew there was a better way to approach the industry after running traditional companies for years. Ahead of their time, most said they were crazy.  But that was then.

AgentOwned is different

There is a difference between working with someone who is employed by a company and someone who owns it. When you work with someone who owns their company, their name is on the line each and every time they are in contact with the public.

  • Higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Better customer service
  • Better value because of related industries' knowledge
  • Save time not having to get approvals from higher ups
  • The buck stops here


In the words of an Agent-Owner at AgentOwned Realty:

"I am part owner of the AgentOwned Realty Company and I completely own my real estate business. My career and my company depend on my reputation. I make my own business decisions, never having to consult with a higher up. AgentOwned is not only a real estate firm but a group of companies providing real estate, mortgage, title insurance, home warranty, property & casualty insurance, and business brokerage services.  By being a one stop shop, I have a deeper knowledge of those related industries and am able to save you money in places you never imagined."

Working with an Owner really does make a difference. Contact us to see for yourself today!